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Inglês - 10º ano

Passive Voice

Autor: Filipa Campos

Escola Secundária D. Sancho I

Data de Publicação: 03/08/2007

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Passive Voice



1 – Rewrite the following sentences in the passive voice.


a)    I will take the children to the cinema.

b)    The girls have prepared this delicious cake.

c)     The students wrote these interesting texts about the school trip.

d)    The customers have just read the notice.

e)    Many people study English at language schools.

f)     The Smiths bought the green house.

g)    We should give teenagers an opportunity to get a job.

h)    Everybody can visit the cathedral from 1 pm to 6 pm.

i)     A taxi drove them home.

j)     Someone is repairing the damage in our building.

k)    Lots of teenagers watch this programme every day.

l)      I can’t exchange the shoes without a receipt.

m)    We must vacate the room by 12 pm.

n)    Someone has stolen my car.

o)    She was asked about her name and address. (Someone)

p)    Educators should tell the students about the harmful influence of popular culture.( The students)

q)    The popular commercial culture often shows us negative pictures of the Arabs. (We)

r)    They followed more than 10,000 people over 6 years. (More than)

s)    Bad sleeping affects productivity and health. (Productivity)

t)    The risk takers and visionaries of this agency have expanded human knowledge. (Human knowledge)

u)    Somebody has answered the letter. (The letter)

v)    People are studying foreign languages (foreign languages)

w)   The students will prepare the assignment. (the assignment)

x)    They will install a new computer centre in the university. (a new computer centre)

y)    A fire is threatening the university library. (the university library)

z)    The professors were discussing the problem when we arrived. (the problem)

aa)  Many people speak English all over the world. (English)

bb)  They received a letter from relatives who live in Paris. (a letter)

cc)  In some countries many people use their mobile phones to send e-mail messages. (mobile phones)

dd)  Sarah is sending an e-mail. (An e-mail)

ee)  They are searching for a criminal. (A criminal)

ff)   They reported a cyber crime. (a cyber crime)

gg)  They told me about the disaster. (I)



2 - Passive – Active:


a)    She was helped by her mother. (Her mother)

b)    Arab men are seen by the American people as violent terrorists. (The American people)

c)     They were told strange news by the foreigners. (the foreigners)

d)    They must be explained about the problem. (someone)

e)    Students have been taught the Passive Voice. (Teachers)

f)      They are being supported by their parents. (their parents)

g)    Some diseases are probably caused by cell phones. (Cell phones)

h)    Jenny was told about him. (People)

i)      The policemen was informed about the case. (Someone)

j)      We were helped by the teacher. (the teacher)

k)    She will be punished. (they)

l)      He can develop new friendships. (new friendships)



3 - Passive with modals


a) I gave him a present.( He)

b) She is reading the textbook.( The textbook)

c) Somebody sent me a card. (I)

d) They can't express their feelings.( Their feelings)

e) People must respect the others. (The others)

f) They could be judged. (People)

g) We can prevent the destruction of old documents. (the destruction of old documents)

h) Living abroad can change our view of the world. (our view of the world)

i) I can send you the assignment later. (You)






1 – Rewrite the following sentences in the passive voice.

a. The children will be taken to the cinema.

b. This delicious cake has been prepared by the girls.

c. These interesting texts about the school trip were written by the students.

d. The notice has just been read by the customers.

e. English is studied (by many people) at language schools (by many people).

f. The green house was bought by the Smiths.

g. Teenagers should be given an opportunity to get a job.

h. The cathedral can be visited from 1 pm to 6 pm.

i. They were driven home by a taxi.

j. The damage in our building is being repaired.

k. This programme is watched (by lots of teenagers) every day (by lots of teenagers).

l. The shoes can't be exchanged without a receipt.

m. The room must be vacated by 12 pm.

n. My car has been stolen.

o. Someone asked about her name and address.

p. The students should be told about the harmful influence of popular culture by educators.

q. We are often showed negative pictures of the Arabs by the popular commercial culture.

r. More than 10,000 people were followed (by them).

s. Productivity and health are affected by bad sleeping.

t. Human knowledge has been expanded by the risk takers and visionaries of this agency.

u. The letter has been answered.

v. Foreign languages are being studied.

w. The assignment will be prepared by the students.

x. A new computer centre will be installed (by them) in the university.

y. The university library is being threaded by a fire.

z. The problem was being discussed by the professors when we arrived.

aa. English is spoken all over the world by many people.

bb. A letter was received from relatives who live in Paris (by them).

cc. Mobile phones are used to send e-mail messages in some countries by many people.

dd. An e-mail is being sent by Sarah.

ee. A criminal is being searched for (by them).

ff. A cyber crime was reported (by them).

gg. I was told about the disaster (by them).


2 - Passive – Active:

a) Her mother helped her.

b) The American people see Arab men as violent terrorists.

c) The foreigners told them strange news.

d) Someone must explain them about the problem.

e) Teachers have thought students the Passive Voice.

f) Their parents are supporting them.

g) Cell phones probably cause some diseases.

h) People told Jenny about him.

i) Someone informed the policemen about the case.

j) The teacher helped us.

k) They will be punish her.

l) New friendships can be developed by him.


3 - Passive with modals

a) He was given by me a present.

b) The textbook is being read by her.

c) I was sent a card.

d) Their feelings can’t be expressed (by them).

e) The others must be respect.

f) People could judge them.

g) The destruction of old documents can be prevent by us.

h) Our view of the world can be changed by living abroad.

i) You can be sent the


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