1. Write the forms of the following irregular verbs into the correct column.

forgot; been; spoken; sing; done; gave; chose; have; tell

Infinitive                             Simple Past                  Past Participle


2. Complete the sentences by writing the verbs in brackets in the Simple Past.

a)      Yesterday a boat ____________________ near my house. (sink)

b)      I _____________________ off the roof when I was trying to fix the antenna. (fall)

c)      My sister ___________________ me this watch for my birthday. (give)

d)      I ____________________ this dress for my cousin’s wedding. (wear)

e)      I _____________________ Mark to come to the party. (tell)

f)        Last weekend I _____________________ to the cinema. (go)

g)      Yesterday my mother _____________________ me to school. (bring)


3. Complete the sentences by writing the verbs in brackets in the Past Participle.

a)      I like tennis, but I have _____________________ swimming. (choose)

b)      These prices have ____________________ a lot. (rise)

c)      I have __________________ Sue at school. (meet)

d)      She has ________________________ that secret for years. (know)

e)      My mother has _____________________ permission to go out. (give)

f)        I haven’t ___________________ Peter for a long time. (see)

g)      My brother has ______________________ a new guitar. (buy)





1.   Infinitive: sing; have; tell;

      Simple Past: forgot; gave; chose

      Past Participle: been; spoken; done


2.   a) sunk

      b) fell

      c) gave

      d) wore

      e) told

      f) went

      g) brought


3.   a) chosen

      b) risen

      c) met

      d) known

      e) given

      f) seen

      g) bought




Por Maria Inês Silva

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